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Winds of Change

August 21, 2012

It’s been so long since I’ve written, and my brain is in summer mode, just kindof jumping from one thing to another, and I’m devouring Irma Voth and loving Miriam Toews’ stream-of consciousness writing, which reminds me of the writing style of one of my favourite bloggers: Not-Calm dot com, so I just haven’t put any thoughts to paper, but have been getting that kindof antsy feeling like time is speeding up and I want to capture recent memories before new ones are superimposed.

The Big Guy is away on a mountain biking trip (I’m jealous, but proud), the Big Kids are away this weekend (I’m sad, but resigned) and the new program of having Baby sleep once a day is working great, so I’m halfway through my two hours of mid-day “me” time before the “stay within arm’s reach so Baby doesn’t do any permanent damage with his exploring, fearless nature” program ramps up again.  Oh, he’s delightful, and oh-so-cute, but he is a quintessential boy.  I have given up trying to capture his antics on film, because twice in the time it’s taken me to grab the camera he’s launched himself onto his head from 1)his wee rocking chair and 2) the stroller.  He reminds me of a dog with the need for wind in his face and adventure ahead.

The change on the horizon is that I’m going back to work.  I’ve been mulling over my thoughts on that subject for the last couple of months, and my feelings are way too complex to try to sort out right now.  The bigger change is that I have a new boss, and I’ve been offered my dream job (a promotion, I guess) but my new boss has no idea I’m pregnant,  so I have, like, 6 months to earn another maternity leave and create the changes I’ve always dreamed of where I work, and help the other staff weather a whole bunch of other changes in our operations.  I think I’ve become a little change-averse since the big shakedown of 2009, so I’m trying to have some perspective.  Change can be good.  One day at a time.  Try to go with the flow instead of swimming against the current.

Thank goodness the exhaustion of growing a tiny person has abated, and the nausea is pretty much gone.  My appetite is back with a vengeance, and I am enjoying the love affair with food that this part of pregnancy brings.  I crave strong-flavoured foods, to really stimulate the enjoyment of eating: olives, artichoke hearts, chutney, pickles, and salsa.  I scramble eggs straight from the coop with a bit of feta cheese and fresh tomatoes and chopped basil.

Having enjoyed a few weeks solid of camping and travelling, interspersed with weekends working, some things in the garden passed their prime before I could harvest them.  I am the proud owner of a whole bunch of broccoli and spinach seeds, so all I can do is practice my seed-saving and maybe save myself a few bucks next spring.  The peas were a big hit, again, in straight Sea Soil, eaten straight off the vine for months.  For a while when nothing was appetising, I lived on snap peas and strawberries straight out of the garden. 

I planted three batches of tomatoes, and wouldn’t you know it, the straggly ones I bought on sale at Coombs in June are doing the best.  I made a mistake with the ones I sheltered in early spring in the greenhouse – I didn’t transplant them to bigger pots!  By the time I put them out they were so rootbound they flowered way too early and didn’t set fruit – either it was too cold or the pollinators weren’t out yet.  Lesson learned.  I’ve pinched all the flowers off the remaining tomato plants so they can concentrate their energy on the green fruit that’s there.

The rest of my hopes are placed on squash plants that have tiny, green acorn and butternut squash.  If we get a long, mild fall they may flesh out and ripen to make good eating.  There are also watermelon and muskmelon (cantaloupe) plants in the greenhouse, as an experiment, but so far they have flowers only, no fruit, so I think it’s too late to expect anything there.

And the girls…  We are down to 2 eggs a day, from 6 hens…?  Four of them are 2 1/2 years old, so they may be slowing down, especially since each moulted, then had a phase of being broody.  I would be exhausted too.  The new girls haven’t started laying, maybe their development is a bit delayed because they were deprived of baby food?  I gave up trying to keep the big girls out of the delicious mush I was setting out for the new ones.  There have been a lot of feathers in the run, and some serious itchy-looking behaviour, so I was convinced we had mites in the coop again, but I have been down there with a headlamp checking their feathery tushes and nesting boxes at night, and there’s no sign of the little red beasties.  I’m rubbing Diotomaceous Earth everywhere and sprinkling it liberally where they dust bathe and hoping to pre-empt the need for a pesticide application.

Rather than fret about what lies ahead, I’m trying to savour the memories of long days over the past two months that have been spent at the beach, swimming in the ocean, and travelling to even more distant isles than the one we call home.  There are two more weeks of camping, travelling, and unstructured play before school and work resume.  I plan to enjoy every moment, then take each new day as it comes.

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