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One of Those Days

May 31, 2012

We pull out of the driveway 2 minutes before my “okay, seriously, if we don’t leave now we’re officially late” deadline.  Kids have gum boots and rain coats on, lunches, library books, brushed teeth and hair, and smiles on their faces.  I sip my hot coffee and just bliss out for a moment on the 10 minutes of harmony we achieve on our way to school.  No whining, fighting, arguing, or complaining, just rain on the windshield, wipers slapping, radio 2 playing. 

Today was blissfully different from those other days, meaning most days, where I feel like a circus performer juggling school lunch forms, soccer cleats and shin guards, bathing suits, and my ever-present coffee cup.  I jump into the ring with the snarling tiger who screams at my attempts to tame her mane, grab the monkey performing gymnastics on the stairs, and coax the reclusive bear out of his den and encourage him to dress appropriately for the season.

Yesterday was one of those other days, where by bedtime we were all exhausted, and each child needed my full attention to diffuse the complex struggles of the day.  Big Boy has had a substitute teacher for enough days in a row that the class is getting unruly and we are worried about his lovely teacher’s health.  He fought with some other kids on the playground about who’s allowed in whose fort, and felt hurt and frustrated that they wouldn’t listen to his ideas.  Big Girl had a fight with her best friend, who insisted on being the mommy during house play and “she’s always the mommy, and I’m always the baby, and it’s not fair!”  Baby had spent a few hours with Grandma and Grandpa while I went to a work meeting, and though he enjoyed his visit, he wasn’t letting me out of his sight again anytime soon.  With the Big Guy working  a series of awful shifts this week, I was feeling seriously over my head.

So today when I picked the kids up from school and heard that “today was the best day ever!” I breathed a sigh of relief that days like yesterday don’t come back to back, at least not this time.  After school we went to the coolest neighborhood museum, which is an absolute treasure trove of artifacts from the local area that you can touch, sit on, play with, and guess the original purpose of.   I got to visit with a friend, seeing my mirror image as her Baby napped on her back, and enjoyed a burbling, overlapping conversation full of ideas that flowed over and around and through each other and left us both feeling exhilarated and understood.

I stopped at the library to pick up an armload of books I’d requested, and chatted with my favourite librarian, who led a baby story time when my Big Kids were little.  I finally remembered to ask about my Big Girl’s lost library card, and when the librarian looked it up, there was a note on her file saying it had been found in a different branch in December, 2009!  That date made me shudder, and I recalled briefly what a wreck I was that year, when I was a single mom and trying to get my feet under me again.  Back then those other days came one after another in a tedious, draining rhythm.  I yelled a lot.  It was hard to appreciate the small things, like hot coffee or good music, in the face of overwhelming struggle.  Putting the new library card in my wallet made me grateful I could put one more thing from that chapter behind me and concentrate on all we have to be grateful for.  Walking out into the pouring rain, I decided to forego soccer practice and head home to snuggle on the couch and read books after dinner, to prolong this day.



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  1. seethesea permalink
    May 31, 2012 11:42 am

    A day in the ‘ real ‘ life of a mom. Need more mom’s like you ! Great post, great pic.
    The minutes crawl, the hours drag and the years fly.

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