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Yellow Lining

April 4, 2012

Lysichiton americanus English: American Skunk ...

It’s Spring, again, and somehow the magic never fails to enchant, even though this is the 30-somethingth (ahem) spring I’ve witnessed.  It’s official because the signs are up: skunk cabbage blooming in the boggy lowlands flooded with rain, daffodils and forsythia brightening dark corners, red flowering currant and salmonberry bushes welcoming hummingbirds. 

Forsythia en fleurs

My favourite sign of spring is watching birds building nests.  Here, the crows really get into it.  From our living room window I watch them flying back and forth to and from the neighbor’s huge cedar tree with bunches of twigs and moss in their beaks.  Occasionally one perches on our chimney and squawks territorially.  The sound echoes into our living room so you’d think the crow was calling down to us, announcing his intentions.

Two years ago I moved my little family to this nest, after a violent storm swept across the Island.  The weather was a metaphor for our tumultuous past, and new beginnings.  As fresh growth appears around here, banishing the cold, dark days of winter, I am grateful again for renewal, for new opportunity, and for the fresh sights that the season brings.

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