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February 14, 2012
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I like myself, whoever I’m with (or not),

but the people in my life make it so much richer, take me out of myself and leave me breathless in awe of lives full of sorrow, struggle, creativity, giving and caring.  A note about why I love you so:

I love your stability, strength and core of unwavering values.  You have brought hygiene, punctuality, and order to my life; order in the form of quieting my noise and reminding me of the peace found in the wilderness and quiet beauty in nature.

I love your smile, and free laugh when you feel secure and delighted with word play or pure silliness.

I love your imagination!  Evey day you surprise me with a new 5-year old insight into the world that fills me with amusement and wonder.

I love your curiosity and need to be busy, and your pudgy knees and elbows that beg to be kissed!

I love your laughter, and enjoyment of teasing, and how you show me to laugh at myself, and your ability to hold me steady when I cry, and your unfailing, unflagging belief in me – wow!

I love your deep commitment to family, and the obvious joy you feel surrounded by your kids and grandkids.  You are a kid at heart, making pancakes and dancing in your bathrobe on Sunday mornings.  I love that you taught me to ski, swim and love the outdoors.

I love your committment to your boys – your little bear cubs, and your intimate knowledge of their thoughts and personalities.  You are an amazing dad.

I love your warm smile, and your ability to be the hub of a community of women that holds each other up through very difficult times.  I love that we could share a bottle of wine and talk about brothers, and husbands, and children, and revel in the fact that we are family!

I love your enthusiasm for life!  You have style, grace, commitment to your life’s work and to bringing out the best in every single person you come in contact with.  I feel more glamorous and so deeply loved when I’m in your presence.

I love your massive hugs, your booming laugh, your steady commitment to my sister, and your love for my kids.  You are young at heart but wise beyond your years.

I love your courage in coming to a new country to create a family, and your devotion to your sweet, feisty children.

I love your wide open smile and your generosity towards people in need.  You are unique and work so hard to find your own way.

I love your energy and optimism.  You have an inspiring zest for life, you expect the best from people but never judge others’ human flaws, and are so incredibly generous.  You have taught me so much!

I love your quiet calm, a gift I receive every day through your son. I love your patient, meticulous nature, never rushing, speaking thoughtfully, appreciating nature’s gifts and your eclectic, devoted family.

The fact that I could go on and on about friends who fill my bucket makes me feel so lucky.  I will carry you in my heart today and always, those I see every day and those I will never see again, but who have touched my life and inspired me to carry on.

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  1. seethesea permalink
    February 14, 2012 10:08 am

    Beautifully written. Especially poignant on this day devoted to love.
    We should all take the time to make our own list. XX

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