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Daydream Believer

January 31, 2012

It’s my birthday, and I’m going to indulge in a little wish-list making, planning for the year ahead…

  • Snorkel in Maui with the Big Guy and big Kids.
  • Surf my new board in Tofino, and hopefully see my Big Kids shred on it when the warm weather comes.
  • Really grow the garden project – planting often and maximizing the space.  This year I’m hoping for raspberries, strawberries, radishes, broccoli, lettuces, spinach, squash, tomatoes and beans.
  • Take on a few sewing projects.  I’d like to make dresses/tunics for my daughter and myself, and pj’s for the boys in the family, plus a few secret xmas gifts for the nieces and nephews.
  • Camp on one of the little islands off our coast; the Winchelsea and Ballenas Islands are within an hour or two paddling.
  • Plan a big shindig to gather all the friends who have seen me through a rough patch and invite the people I would like to know better.  I have a vision of all these amazing people together in one place, reflecting our community in this somewhat remote part of the Island. Not a wedding, but definitely a celebration of love and the strength in numbers.

The thing is, I have had experiences that I never thought possible, beyond my wildest ability to plan.  In particular, I remember lying in a tent, in the dark, looking up at a little patch of sky through the tent roof, seeing more stars in that little square than I ever thought possible, listening to the sound of wind soughing in the trees, and branches snapping in the forest, and feeling a very, very long way from any other humans, and probably closer to more wild animals than I have ever been, and feeling so alive!  the Big Guy and I have had kayaking trips in the wilderness off the West Coast of Vancouver Island that required us to be self-sufficient and resourceful and brave and pay attention to weather and wind and tides and currents and check charts and plan routes and really live on the skin of the earth and the ocean.  There’s no way to write about it that doesn’t sound flakey because words can’t really express those sensations.

For my b.d. the Big Guy got me some fantasy fodder in the form of a book about exploring Haida Gwaii.   So I hope this year, in the midst of raising three little people and nurturing my relationship with the Big Guy and making time for our families who love and accept us no matter what… I will have time to plan and carry out a trip or two that will connect my wee family to that current of life and create memories that will continue to weave the bonds around us holding us together.

Hope you enjoy a little time to fantasize and plan as the days slowly grow longer and the Earth slowly warms again.

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