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Christmas Craftiness

November 26, 2011

Ugh, it’s a stormy day.  Dawn has barely broken and the grey clouds are sitting right down on the wind-whipped ocean.  It’s blowing SE 35 knots and the lights are flickering as the power threatens to go out.  It’s a perfect day to hunker in at home, or go out exploring the various craft fairs going on around the island.  I visited the Kris Kringle Craft Fair in Parksville last night. 

(BTW, the Urban Beet in Nanaimo is open for dinner now, and the food is amazing!  I had the best lamburger of my life, with a salad of fresh greens and golden beets tossed with caramelized onion and apple vinaigrette.)

Here’s a sampling of some of  my favourites from Kris Kringle:

Wee Folk Designs Adorable fairy doors, as well as magic wands and fairy skirts, and more.

Kastawaysart Gorgeous pieces of metal art made from salvaged oil drums and kitchen utensils.

Soul Comfort Sheepskin and Sheepwool Products, slippers to sink your feet into and sumptuous mattress pads.

Illuminati Glassworks Pendants, beach glass soap dishes and anatomically correct hearts…

The Mushroom’s Door This woman’s hand painted dolls are intriguing and I think they look a little like her – big, blue, twinkling eyes! 

Bling Squared These reminded me of the Squinkies my kids are into right now, only locally produced and made of glass instead of rubber, so more durable, sustainable…infinitely more appealing.  They would make great zipper pulls.

And of course two of my perennial favourites, Brian Hoyano (metal jewelry) and Dougie Walkers Water Works Garden Sculpture

What impressed me was the diversity!  As I contemplate how to earn a little extra from home, I was inspired by all the talented people who bead, weave, sculpt, weld, and bake so they can make a living by their art.  If the storm abates baby and I may venture to the Craft Fair at Nanoose Place today.  Or hunker down and work on my own homemade Christmas gifts, cozy and inspired.

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  1. Sunny permalink
    November 26, 2011 7:09 pm

    Love your writing. Spent loads of time going from site to site that you’ve listed – – another thing to do on a stormy morning. Thought you might like seeing another paper mache artist. Her website is

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