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It’s time.

November 25, 2011

I’m sitting at the laptop, looking out over a frosty, grey morning.  A couple of seagulls are wheeling out over the ocean, but everything else is still, still.  Recent storms have scoured the leaves from the trees, and now we are on the cusp of winter, waiting for snow to fly, approaching the shortest day of the year, time slowing down.

My grandpa Alex always started his journal entries with a note about the weather.  My mom definitely inherited the storyteller gene from him, and the need (as important as sleep, or sex!) to write thrums in me too.  But life is something that happens when you’re making other plans, right?  My writer life has been on hold, but…if not now, when?  I am home these days with a lovely 5 month old baby, and fragments of time during the day to let the words have a life outside my head.

I am also blessed with a network of people who share their amazing knowledge of food, art, knitting, cooking, gardening, mothering, and marriage.  I have learned from one particularly dear friend to pay this wisdom forward.  We are all collectively richer when we share recipes, stories, and things we find that make life more beautiful and bearable.

So I join the collective voice of thousands of mommy bloggers that Cori Howard of The Momoir Project has introduced me to. Will it be good enough?  Will anyone read it? That stuff doesn’t matter right now.  It’s time.

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